Aims & Objectives

Yooralla has been giving encouragement and support to Victorians with disabilities since 1918. Thousands of children and adults with disabilities have been assisted to experience productive and satisfying lives, with more independence and choices than they might otherwise have had. Today's Yooralla provides essential services for children and adults with disabilities, their families and carers, that include a range of accommodation alternatives, respite, in-home support, therapy, attendant care, specialised equipment, employment, recreation, information and training, and practical skills for daily living. Yooralla's services are shaped to provide support and encouragement to Victorians who are born with disabilities, but also to those who have acquired disabilites from accidents, ill health and aging. Even though Australia is a developed nation, the incidence of disability is high and rising. As a specialist service provider, Yooralla will work with all its stakeholders to meet the legitimate and growing expectations of people with disabilities for a more inclusive, barrier free society.

Animal Research Policy

Yooralla does not take part in or support the use of non-human animals for any research purposes, including medical research.


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