Quest for Life Foundation

Aims & Objectives

The Quest for Life Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that was established in 1990 by Petrea King. It provides an extensive program of residential retreats, lectures, trainings, counselling and other services. The Foundation is dedicated to providing practical and effective skills and compassionate support for people living with life's greatest challenges including life-threatening illness, grief, loss and trauma. Our aim is to inspire, educate and support people so they have the opportunity to transform suffering into healing and peace. The Quest for Life Foundation relies on donations, bequests and fundraising to ensure our services are widely available. Many of the people who require our programs are financially challenged due to the effects of illness or the other traumas they have in their lives. Funding enables us to provide our services to as many people as possible.

Animal Research Policy

The use of non-human animals in medical research is not applicable to our work. The Foundation does not support the use of non-human animals in any medical or other research.


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