PANDA – Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia

Aims & Objectives

PANDA – Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia is the national lead organisation supporting and representing expecting and new parents and their families across Australia to understand and recover from perinatal anxiety and depression, a serious and potentially devastating illness that affects around 100,000 Australian families every year. PANDA operates Australia’s only National Helpline that supports expecting and new parents right across the country affected by perinatal mental illness. We also provide two websites with crucial information and advice for expecting and new parents, including a free online Mental Health Checklist for Expecting and New Parents, a self-screening tool for people to assess their wellbeing and seek professional support if necessary. PANDA also strives to raise awareness and reduce stigma in the community so anyone affected by perinatal mental illness can understand what is happening to them and can seek support.

Animal Research Policy

We do not have an Animal Research Policy as we don't engage directly in research, only with partners, in which case we rely on the research policy of our partners. However we do not engage in research involving animals.


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