The Colostomy Association of South Australia

Aims & Objectives

The Colostomy Association of SA Inc has been operating since 1962: providing support to 2,000 ostomate members. Our members range in age from birth to 90+ years. Our aim is to help ostomates live a fuller life. We achieve this by providing a telephone support service for new members; a monthly Stoma Nurse clinic; the provision of a new member information kit; a regular newsletter and general information (distributed to 2,000 members three times per year); and training for nursing home and other carers. For kiddie ostomates we provide each with a Gastronaut puppet (a puppet with a stoma), designed to education the child and their siblings on how a stoma works. We also provide our ostomate members with their monthly stoma appliances. We are staffed by 31 volunteers and 3 part-time personnel. Our funding comes from a 2.5% Medicare administration fee on appliances supplied (paid in arrears), a small annual membership fee, donations (predominantly from our members), raffles, trading tables, and regular fundraising projects, etc.

Animal Research Policy

The Colostomy Association of SA does not undertake any research and we are assured that our product suppliers do not test on animals.


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