CPL - Choice, Passion, Life

Aims & Objectives

CPL Choice, Passion, Life is a non-profit organisation that provides vital support and services to over 5,000 children and adults with cerebral palsy and related physical disabilities because we believe everybody has the same right to a fulfilling life. We provide services every day, at every stage of our clients' lives and have been doing so for 70 years in thousands of homes, schools, communities and workplaces across Queensland. We work alongside our clients to achieve important life milestones like walking, talking, learning, working and living independently through a broad range of services spanning direct personal support, therapies, technologies, equipment and employment. The individualised programs we provide equip our clients to fulfil their passions, participate in their communities, and express their creativity.

Animal Research Policy

None of the research conducted by CPL - Choice, Passion, Life involves animals in any way.


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